Full Name
Mikael Leyi
Academic title
Secretary General
Organisation type
Mikael leyi is the Secretary General of solidar, an European network of progressive civil society organisations working to advance social justice through a just transition in europe and worldwide. a political scientist, with a broad professional background in terms of competences and geographically, with experience from working in the 5 continents with European and international organisations of the trade union and popular education movements, as well as in collaboration with the institutions of the eu, osce and the un. work that has centred on support for democracy, citizens’ participation, civil society organising, policy and development for sustainability, inclusion and equality, peace, and dialogue. mikael leyi has an in-depth knowledge of civil society, welfare and labour market policy, the labour movement's various organisations, priorities, and activities, and the experiences of democratisation, industrialisation and welfare expansion in sweden, europe and internationally.
Mikael Leyi