Full Name
Alena Křížková
Academic title
Senior researcher, Head of Gender and Sociology Department
Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Organisation type
Public Organisation
Alena Křížková, head of the Gender & Sociology department of the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences. Her focus is on economic and social justice, gender wage gap, work/life balance, gender in organisations and in entrepreneurship. She conducted fulbright fellowship at arizona state university for comparative cz – us research on entrepreneurship environment for disadvantaged populations and gender equality. She is the Czech country expert in the “scientific analysis and advice on gender equality in the eu” (saage) for the ec, executive member of global women´s entrepreneurship policy research network (https://globalwep.org/), member of the committee for equal representation of women and men in decision-making positions and in politics of the Czech government commission for gender equality and a member of editorial board of the gender and research journal (https://www.genderonline.cz/).
Alena Křížková