Full Name
Audronė Sadauskaitė
Academic title
Research Manager
Visionary Analytics
Organisation type
Private for Profit Organisation

Audronė is a research and evaluation expert passionate about translating data and information into actionable knowledge for smarter public policy. With an educational background in political science and public policy analysis, she is a Research Manager at Visionary Analytics, where she leads teams for EU public policy research projects under the broad umbrella of EU digital regulatory and investment policies. Her portfolio includes work for the European Commission (DG EMPL, DG CNECT, DG GROW, CEDEFOP, JRC), the European Parliament, EU social partners, and Lithuanian national authorities. Her main thematic interests lie in the platformisation of the economy and its impacts on competitiveness at the levels of individual, company, country, and region. She is also interested in exploring the social impacts of the digital transformation and the issues of (capacity for) governance of transformations, with a particular focus on the role of social dialogue.

Audronė Sadauskaitė