Full Name
Tea Jarc
Academic title
Sindikat Mladi plus
Organisation type
Not Applicable
Tea Jarc is a president of a trade union Sindikat Mladi plus (Slovenia) that gathers and represent young unemployed people, young precarious workers, students and high-school students. No similar trade union structure exists in any other country, as trade unions normally gathers and represent employed people from a certain sector, while Sindikat Mladi plus represents not only young people’s interest at the workplace, but also marginalised young people, such as unemployed and workers in non-standard forms of employment as well as young people in their transitions to the labour market (students and pupils). The union organise and represents the ones who are normally left-out from the social dialogue and are not being properly involved in policy making.
Tea Jarc has been involved in trade unionism for 8 years, at national and international level. She just finished her mandate as a president of a Youth Committee at European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) that gathers 100 affiliates all across Europe and different sectors.
Tea Jarc