Full Name
Monica Verzola
Academic title
Lifelong Learning Platform - LLLP
Organisation type
Not Applicable
Monica Verzola has a long-standing domain expertise in VET, lifelong learning and professional guidance.
She is Vice-President and member of the Steering Committee of the Lifelong Learning Platform and is delegate in the Diversity Europe Group/Category 3 of the EESC’s Consultative Commission on Industrial Change.
Her close relation with the world of VET is fostered also by means of her role of Director of the International area of the ENAIP NET consortium, one of the major actors at Italian level, and through her active participation in the main umbrella associations at EU level, as well as European Commission’s expert groups.
Holding a Degree in Educational Science with a master in career development and career support, she is an expert in the research and validation of skills, social inclusion, assessment and employability analysis of the labour market.
Monica Verzola