Full Name
Marja-Liisa Hiironen
Academic title
RDI Coordinator
Centria university of applied sciences
Organisation type
Public Organisation
 I graduated as a nurse in the 1980s. Since then I have studied health sciences (Master's Degree) and business sciences (Doctor's Degree). During my career, I have worked in health care at almost all organizational levels, from child nurse to head nurse and CEO of a rehabilitation facility. I currently work at Centria University of Applied Sciences as an RDI Coordinator. The special interest of our research group is the promotion of people's well-being and coping at work, as well as various nature-based means as well-being promoters. We are currently investigating the introduction of various nature-based interventions into the working day, for example bringing green plants and various growing media to the workplace or spending time in nearby nature during the working day. Experiences accumulated so far show that working communities are most interested in new, surprising nature experiments and easily organized experiments. The well-being-promoting effects of nature can be seen in just a few minutes, e.g. as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. Viewed from a work perspective, e.g. taking a peek in the nearby nature increases innovation and problem-solving ability.
Marja-Liisa Hiironen