Full Name
James Farrar
Academic title
Worker Info Exchange
Organisation type
James Farrar is the founder of Worker Info Exchange, an NGO dedicated to helping platform workers access their personal data at work and to challenge unfair algorithmic management. After a career in technology, James became an Uber driver and helped lead the successful claim for worker rights all the way to the UK Supreme Court. A key inisght arising from that litigation is that evidence of management control, a key factor in challenging employment misclassification, is often concealed in the algorithm. In recent years, advances in machine learning and AI have only increased the crisis platform workers face due to hypervariable and ever delcining pay and conditions. Fair access and transparent processing of personal data at work is crucial to holding employers to account and ensuring low paid platform workers get a fair deal. To that end, Worker Info Exchange has led successful litigation against Uber and Ola Cabs in the Netherlands resutling in landmark rulings this year against unfair and unlawful automated decision making to robo-fire workers.  
James Farrar