Full Name
Elin Oberg Martenzon
Tengai AB
Organisation type
Private for Profit Organisation
Elin Öberg Mårtenzon is a pioneering entrepreneur and visionary leader, renowned for her groundbreaking work in the field of artificial intelligence and human resources. As the Founder and CEO of Tengai, she has revolutionized the recruitment industry by introducing the world to a groundbreaking, unbiased interview robot that reshapes the way we evaluate candidates.

Elin's journey into the world of technology and innovation began early in her career. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for human resources and a keen interest in the possibilities of AI, she embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between human potential and the digital age. With a relentless commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive job market, Elin set out to design a solution that reduces unconscious bias in hiring processes.

Under her dynamic leadership, Tengai was born, and the groundbreaking interview robot quickly gained international recognition for its ability to conduct objective, data-driven interviews, ensuring that every candidate receives an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities. Elin's visionary approach to redefining the future of HR tech has garnered acclaim from business leaders, tech enthusiasts, and HR professionals alike.

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon is not just a tech innovator but also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Her dedication to promoting fair hiring practices and eliminating bias is evident in the impact Tengai has had on the HR landscape. Her mission-driven work has inspired organizations around the world to rethink their hiring processes and embrace AI-powered solutions for a more equitable future.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and thought leader, Elin shares her insights on the intersection of AI, HR, and diversity at conferences and events globally. Her ability to connect with audiences, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of the HR tech space, makes her a captivating and influential speaker.

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon's contributions to the world of AI and human resources have not only earned her the admiration of peers and professionals but have also led to her recognition as a leading authority in the field. She is dedicated to making the world of work fairer, more inclusive, and efficient through technology, and her journey continues to inspire and shape the future of recruitment.
Elin Oberg Martenzon