Workplace Algorithms Co-design

Friday, November 17, 2023
Parallel Session 3
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


The use of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced digital technologies in the workplace raises challengers for workers but can also be a source of opportunities for them. The debate so far has focused on the asymmetry of information, between employers and workers, on how these technologies and the underlying algorithms operate “on the ground”. This is a very important consideration. At the same time, the involvement of workers should start well before AI tools even reach the workplace. The concepts (and related legal obligations) of “privacy by design” and “security by design” are already part of the EU acquis. The time is ripe to reflect on how we could facilitate a “worker rights by design” approach, already in the design phase of AI and advanced digital technologies. 

The workshop will address the following questions: 

• What are “design thinking” and “inclusive design” approaches, and how can they be applied in the world of work? 

• Which kind of skills are truly needed for workers to actively shape the design of AI tools? 

• Which companies are investing the most in AI tools for the workplace? Do they understand the specific characteristics of the EU social market economy, and in particular the role of social partners? 

• Does EU legislation already facilitate the early involvement of workers in the design of AI tools? If not, where are the gaps? 

• How can social partners be involved in negotiating the use of algorithmic tools in the workplace?