Full Name
Bart Stalpaert
Academic title
Director General
Organisation type
Public Organisation
Since May 2019, He’s the Director of the Social Information and Investigation Service in Belgium. This is a strategic body that develops a vision on the fight against social fraud and translates it into concrete strategies. The SIIS prepares a strategic plan and an operational action plan and is responsible for policy support. Prior to that, he was Advisor-General at the Inspectorate service of the NSSO, where he was responsible for the Knowledge Center of the inspectorate service, the fight against cross-border social fraud and the fight against human trafficking. Prior he was also head of the dataminingcell. He also worked for several years as an advisor and deputy director at the policy cells, responsible for policy making on tackling social fraud (e.g.  the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for the fight against social fraud).  As an official representative of the Platform for Tackling Undeclared Work (now part of ELA) he is actively involved in its activities. Since June 2021, he is the co-chair of the Platform. He is also an advisor at the International Research Institute on Social Fraud of Ghent University. Bart is a widely requested speaker at different symposia in the area of tackling social fraud.
Bart Stalpaert