Full Name
Serena Di Paolo
Academic title
Senior Administrator
INPS - Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale
Organisation type
Public Organisation
Graduated in Law, Serena holds a Masters Degree in European Law and qualified as a Lawyer.
She worked for several Public administrations in Italy and, since 2011, she has been a public officer in the field of social security.
In 2013, she was hired by INPS (the Italian National Institution for Social Security), where she dealt with labour inspection, undeclared work and social security frauds.
At the moment, she works for the Risk management, Compliance and Anti-fraud Department of INPS, where she is in charge of legal analysis and advisory work especially concerning frauds committed by employers.
She is also in charge of supporting the Project Manager of the EU-funded project “New Business Intelligence System”, aimed at building an advanced AI-based system for fraud prevention and fraud management.
Serena Di Paolo